Industrial Mochi Ice Cream Machine

Industrial Mochi Ice Cream Machine
SV-400 ice cream mochi making machine can be combined with the mochi dough making machine, freezer, and packaging machine to form an automatic ice cream mochi production line. It has a big output capacity, up to 150 pcs/min, suitable for factory using.
If you don’t need such big capacity, no worry, can consider our small ice cream mochi machine—SV-180 encrusting machine!

Industrial Mochi Ice Cream Machine

About Ice Cream Mochi

At the foundation of the ice cream mochi is the mochi itself. Mochi is a rice cake molded from steamed mochigome, a short-grained glutinous rice commonly found in east Asia. The cooked rice is kneaded to form a dough that can be reshaped for various uses both savory and sweet.

The finished mochi has a unique texture that the Japanese describe as ふわふわ (“fuwa-fuwa”), meaning “soft and pillowy.” Sugar is added for a subtle sweetness that accentuates the delicate flavor of rice. In short, ice cream mochi is ice cream with various flavors wrapped in the chewy mochi dough

mochi ice cream making machine

About Industrial Ice Cream Mochi Machine

SV-400 encrusting machine is a multi-functional machine specialized in making ice cream mochi, which integrates stuffing, forming and arranging functions. Equipped with a mixer, steamer, freezer and packaging machine, it can form an automated ice cream mochi production line!!!

Mochi ice cream production line

SV-400 encrusting-arranging machine is very cost-effective, which is equivalent to the combination of encrusting machine and tray arranging machine. It has both the function of stuffing and tray arranging. very suitable for soft, sticky, hot and easily deformed products, such as mochi, ice cream mochi, cupcake, and so on.

After filling the ice cream inside of mochi dough, then cut by the cutter head, the ice cream mochi can fall into the plastic trays directly, which can keep the shape of the ice cream mochi intact, avoid manual contact to make it deform. By the way, the size of the plastic trays can be customized according to the size of mochi ice cream.

Another advantage is that, the ice cream mochi encrusting machine has two powder sprinkling deivces on each side, and the powder can be spread evenly by vibration. When the plastic tray passes by, the powder sprinkling device on the right sprinkles the starch on the bottom of the tray to prevent the mochi dough from sticking to the tray. After the ice cream mochi falls into the tray, pass through the powder sprinkling device on the left, the device can evenly sprinkle the starch on the surface of the mochi. Perfect replacement for manual sprinkling, saving cost and time.

The most common ice cream mochi has only one filling, which is ice cream. But the automatic ice cream mochi machine can do much more than that. Customer can make different ice cream mochi by changing the extrusion mold or add some devices, such as the long strip shapes, round shapes,  double-color, double fillings…

Ice cream mochi machine

SV-400 mochi ice cream making machine is the standard model, which has 2 hoppers, only can make ice cream mochi with one filling. We also have other types of ice cream mochi machine for customer choosing. SV-400B ice cream mochi maker machine has 3 hoppers, which can make double-fillings ice cream mochi. The second filling can be jam, chocolate sauce, cream, condensed milk, caramel sauce, etc.

automatic mochi ice cream making machine

SV-400C mochi ice cream making machine has 4 hoppers. So the ice cream mochi made by it can has 3 fillings. One of our customer choose it to make ice cream mochi with ice cream, mousse and chocolate sauce. SV-400D ice cream mochi machine with a solid filling device, which can fill the whole fruit granules inside, such as whole grapes, pineapple granules, strawberry granules, banana granules, and so on.


Industrial Mochi Ice Cream Machine Parameters

  • Machine Size: 290*119*137cm
  • Machnie weight: 350KG
  • Power: 2.4KW
  • Voltage: 220V 50/60Hz Single Phrase
  • Capacity: 80-150 pcs/min
  • Product Weight: 8-150g


  1. 304 stainless steel, food grade material, durable and easy to clean.
  2. High speed. the max speed can reach 180 pcs/min.
  3. Small weight error, about within 1g, stable product weight.
  4. Stuffing function and arranging function in one machine.
  5. 2 powder sprinkling device on each side.
  6. PLC intelligent touch screen, easy to operate for beginners.
  7. Famous electric components, OTG motor, Delta PLC & inverters, make the machine operational performance more stabler.
  8. Can save the production data of 99 products, just need to adjust the parameters one time for single product.
  9. Various kinds of products can be made, more than 100.
  10. Many devices and molds can be choose, very flexible.
  11. 12-month warranty.
  12. Detailed instruction manuals, training videos.

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