SV-700A Single color cookies machine

The SV-700A Single Color Cookies Machine provides a cost-effective solution for cookie factories with a space-saving design. The design of the roller and the storage bin adopts two structural principles respectively, so that the production of cakes and butter products can share the same body with biscuits to meet the diversification of biscuits. PLC intelligent programming can meet the random changes in the shape, pattern and style of the cookie machine, whether it is wire twisting or wire cutting, making the product variety rich and flexible. If you make small, soft cookies, you usually use the medium style. If you encounter relatively dry and hard particles or raw materials, or the product diameter exceeds 5 cm, you need to use a large style.If you want to make three-color cookies, you need to choose SV-700C Cookies machine
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  • Machine size: 124*98*131cm
  • Production speed: 0-45 rows/min
  • Voltage: Single-phase 220V
  • Power: 3.5KW
  • Machine weight: 250kg
  • Product seed volume: 10-270g
Machine Advantages
  1. PLC intelligent programming, with 99 kinds of product memory function, easy to operate, and can also count production capacity,   which is convenient for production management.
  2. pattern and style of the cookie machine whether it is twisting or wire cutting, making the product types abundant and flexible.
  3. One machine is multi-purpose; it can be equipped with twisting device, wire cutting device, and various molds for reference.
  4. Equipped with safety devices to prevent accidents.
  5. Four servo controls for discharging, conveying, twisting, and lifting, and can make various laminated products, such as Jenny cookies.



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