SV-580 Yunnan Ham Moon Cake Production Line

This traditional Yunnan ham moon cake with ham-pied or pork leg stuffing is totally different from all the moon cake that you knew and it is widely popular in China. Unlike the Cantonese soft crust, this crust is using a totally different type of preparation method and yields a hard biscuit type of crust. However, once you took your first bite, it will be like biting the biscuit. For this SV-580 Yunnan ham moon cake production line, we have the most update machine of Longyu SV-580 multi functional encrusting machine, SV-303 stamping machine and SV-302 tray arranging machine. If you are interested, feel free to contact us for more information!

What is Yunnan Ham Moon cake?

Moon cake is one of the most famous Chinese traditional cakes, a traditional food of Mid-Autumn Festival. The shape of moon cake is round, and usually for the whole family eat, symbolizing unity and perfection.

It is said that the custom of eating moon cakes in the Mid-Autumn Festival since the Tang Dynasty. Nowadays moon cakes are combined with local eating habits and then developed many different flavors such as Cantonese style, Beijing style, Su style and Yunnan style. Among the Yunnan style moon cakes, the ham-pied enjoy a wide popularity in China. This is partly because Yunnan’s climate is suitable for curing hams. As the best seller among moon cakes in Kunming today, the ham-pied moon cakes are either decent festival gifts or for locals to enjoy themselves.

Yunnan style moon cake use the best part of Xuanwei ham, cut it into small cubes, and mix with honey, lard, white sugar to make the filling. And for the pastry part, it use purple wheat flour from Chenggong District. Yunnan style moon cake tastes crisp, soft, and tightly baked, making it more and more popular. Its appearance is brownish yellow and slightly hard. When you eat it, the crisp and soft texture will not break, it also called “hard crust ham moon cake”.

What equipment can make Yunnan Ham Moon cake?

The SV-580 encrusting machine is the most advanced and versatile machine in Longyu and it is the perfect machine to make Yunan ham moon cake. We designed the slope of extrusion flow controllers into 45 degrees to improve the extrusion, preventing the materials stuck in the hopper. Additionally, SV-580 has two individual motors to control both extrusion flow controllers respectively so that users can adjust the proportion of skin and filling with precision, enhancing products quality. What’s more, stainless steel accessories are available for SV-580 to handle ham fillings. The whole machine is easy to dissemble and clean. Use with SV-303 stamping machine and SV-302 tray arranging machine, this production line is the best choice for Yunnan ham moon cake.

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