SV-380 Large Size Moon Cake Production Line

The moon cake style has been various nowadays, not only the wrapping skin and fillings, the size of the moon cake has been changed as well. The large size moon cake has became a new trend in the market, especially for big family or moon cake lover. For those who wants to meets big size moon cake needs, I present you our Large Size Moon cake Production Line consists of SV-380 encrusting machine, SV-303D large stamping machine and SV-302 tray arranging machine. If you are interested, feel free to contact us for further information!

What is large size moon cake?

The title is quite straight forwardly explained in the name of this style of moon cake, the size is larger than normal moon cake. The moon cake in the market are usually weight around 50 g, 60 g, 70 g and 100 g with diameter of 8 cm to 13 cm. However the large size moon cake usually weight around 1000 g to 1500 g with diameter of 26 cm to 27 cm. The fillings of it can be numerous like normal moon cake, such as five nuts, lotus seed paste, egg yolks, dried meat floss with egg yolks, mochi and etc. It is used to treat your family and friends, who can share one big moon cake together.


What machine can make large size moon cake?

The industrial large size moon cake production line consists of 3 equipment, SV-380 encrusting machine, SV-303D big stamping  machine and SV-302 tray arranging machine. The biggest difference between large size and normal size moon cake production line is the stamping machine. For the big moon cake line, we switch SV-303 stamping machine to SV-303D stamping machine. The SV-303D is specialized for large size pastry, such as Xinjiang pancake, big moon cake and big meat pie with customized mold.


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