SV-209 Bread Production Line

The SV-209 Bread production line can form different sizes of  breads, such as French Baguette, flat breads and round breads, and then automatically pans on to trays. The max capacity is 9000 pcs/h. And it forms bread without damaging dough.
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Bread production line mainly contains pressing machine, divider machine, main machine, filling machine,cutter machine,dough rolling machine and auto arranging machine. Of course with the bread mixer and other baking equipment more complete. The bread machine can make hamburger buns, loaf, french bread,toast bread, baguette, buns,bread rolls, dinner rolls, round hamburger bread, sandwich bread etc.The fillings could be chocolate,jams, cream, bean paste, meat, paste mixed with small nuts (sesame, corn, peanut), etc.

The SV-209 bread production line has been upgraded for 5 times in the past decade with better quality and technology.

  1. The R&D concept of this equipment originated in Italy, it is suitable for the bread making process for many places such as Europe, the United States, French and Southeast Asia. The rolling wheels are installed in all the machines in this line, which can protect the gluten of the bread from being damaged, so as to keep the texture and taste of the bread.
  2. This production line is able to complete the entire bread production process start from flour to bread without any manual operation collocate with automatic water and flour supply machine and dough mixer.
  3. In order to suitable for different bread making processes in various countries, the dough humidity setting range of this equipment is 35% to 65%, and the dough humidity within this range can be assured of using
  4. This bread production line can make various kinds of breads such as honeycomb bread, marble bread, toast, two-color bread, round red bean bread, baguette etc. It can also produce Chinese buns, beef pies, egg yolk crisps as well as taco and pizza by changing the cutter and device.
Name  Dimensions Machine weight Voltage Power Production speed Food weight
Pressing Machine 157*109*150 cm 650 kg 380 V 3.29KW 80-150 pcs/min 10-150 g
Dividing machine 165*61*131 cm 210 kg 220 V 0.52KW
Main machine 450*66*168 cm 375 kg 380 V 2.5KW
Filling machine 66*75*146 cm 85 kg 220 V 0.5KW
Cutter machine 130*58*64 cm 75 kg 220 V 0.2KW
Dough rolling machine 52*87*81 cm 135 kg 220 V 0.5KW
Auto arranging machine 185*156*164 cm 320 kg 220 V 1.5KW
Machine Advantages

1. The dough pressing machines is a major technological breakthrough made by the R&D department: it is composed of two sets of equipment, transferring, pre-pressing and quantitative cutting, which saves the work of manual division, transferring and carrying. Maintaining the high-level of automation between equipment.

2. After the dough is ready, it will be divided quantitatively and transfer to the pressing machine via conveyor, the pressing machine will automatically roll and fold repeatedly until dough becomes smooth rectangle shape in perfect texture.

3. The automatic dividing machine is used after pressing machine. It overlaps and flatten every pressed dough to complete the splicing process to ensure the wrapper goes to the main machine continuously. The automatic splicing machine overcomes the problem of production reduction caused by the semi-automatic equipment system delays. There are 2 types of splicing machine, one is large-scale equipment to splice the entire dough, and the other equipment is used for splice smaller dough.

4. The four-piece set of machine consists of  main machine, encrusting machine, cutter holder and machete holder. The main propose of this set of machine is to ensure each bread weight and bread shape are the same, which includes stuffing device and various kinds of moldings.

5. The tray arrangement system is the last procedure before the bread rise. First put the bread into the baking tray, and then move the baking tray to the trolley. The plate arranging machine is a new product developed last year. Its appearance takes the automation of the bread production line to the next level.


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