SV-209 Bread making machine line

SV-209 Bread making machine line applicable to production: French Baguette bread, Toast bread, sliced bread,etc.The device with two way round pressure surface and roll out device of rolling extension, make the face more luster, quality more stable, do not damage the face skin tissue, fever, product weight, stable quality, small error;The device also has the function of synchronous speed, the operation more simple.
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Bread production line mainly contains pressing machine, divider machine, main machine,
filling machine,cutter machine,dough rolling machine and auto arranging machine. Of course
with the bread mixer and proofer and other baking equipment more complete. The bread machine
can make hamberger buns, loaf, french bread,toast bread, baguette, buns,bread rolls, dinner rolls,
round hamburger bread, sandwich bread etc.The fillings could be chocolate,jams, cream, bean paste,
meat, paste mixed with small nuts (sesame, corn, peanut), etc.

Name  Dimensions Machine weight Voltage Power Production speed Food weight
Pressing Machine 157*109*150cm 650kg 380V 3.29KW 80-150pcs/min 10-150g
Divider machine 165*61*131cm 210kg 220V 0.52KW
Main machine 450*66*168cm 375kg 380V 2.5KW
Filling machine 66*75*146cm 85kg 220V 0.5KW
Cutter machine 130*58*64cm 75kg 220V 0.2KW
Dough rolling machine 52*87*81cm 135kg 220V 0.5KW
Auto arranging machine 185*156*164cm 220V 220V 1.5KW
Machine Advantages
  1. Limited budget can also give you a complete bread production line
  2. Made of stainless steel fully
  3. No harm to dough,imitate handmade breads and keep nice taste
  4. Breads size and weight can be adjusted as need by PLC setting
  5. Design the machine to make different types bread according to customer’s requirement
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bread making machine detail

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