SV-208A Lava Custard Moon Cake Production Line

Lava Custard Moon cakes is a unique breakthrough in the market that combining lava filling with custard moon cake, which bring the traditional moon cake to the next level. The lava custard moon cake can be made by using SV-208A lava custard moon cake production line that consists of SV-208A automatic encrusting machine, stamping machine and tray arranging machine. If you are interested, kindly contact us for more details!

What is Lava Custard moon cake?  

Moon cakes are the traditional dessert in China that everyone enjoys during the Mid- Autumn Festival. The traditional Chinese moon cakes are divided into two kinds: the Cantonese- style and the Suzhou-style. The Cantonese-style moon cakes are usually made with sweet fillings and soft dough-made crust. In contrast, the Suzhou-style moon cakes taste flakier with pastry shells and filled with savory meat commonly. Both of them are delicious to enjoy. However, the lava custard moon cakes are special for the combination of the sweet and savory molten filling and taste absolutely delicious and delightful in both warm or cold.

Lava Custard Moon cakes is a Cantonese-style moon cake. You can taste the lava moon cakes with three different layers, the molten salted egg yolk in the center, egg custard in the middle, and wrapped all the flavors in one with the flaky cookie likely crust. It involves a high level of technology. If the lava is too thin, it will be absorbed by other fillings. If it is too thick, it will condense and affect the lava flowing effect.

Chinese lava custard egg yolk moon cakelava custard egg yolk moon cake


What machines can make Lava Custard moon cake?

The delicious lava custard moon cakes can be made by our SV-208A automatic encrusting machine, SV-303 stamping machine and SV-302 tray arranging machine production line. The SV-208A encrusting machine is our classic model with three feeders, which can produce the pastry with two kinds of filling and one layer of skin. The SV208A has stable feeding, uniform discharge, effective control of flow rate and uniform weight. With such configuration, SV-208A shows high performance in the production. User-friendly color touch screen, data for up to 99 products can be stored in the SV-208A with large production capacity and superior facilitate production system.

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