SV-208A Encrusting Machine

The upgraded version of the SV-208 multifunctional encrusting machine, this machine has 3 hoppers, which can be equipped with 1 type of leather material and 2 types of fillings, or 2 types of leather materials and 1 type of filling, with various appearances. Can produce Kubba, two-color chocolate cookies, panda biscuits, spiral fruit, ice cream mochi, moon cakes, etc. The feeding is stable, the discharging is uniform, the flow is effectively controlled, and the weight is uniform. The filling is full and the appearance is smooth. The production capacity reaches 60-99 pieces/minute, PLC intelligent touch screen, servo-driven stacking, simple operation, and can store hundreds of food recipes.
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Technical Parameters

  • Machine size: 168*86*130cm
  • Production speed: 60-90 pcs/min
  • Voltage: Single-phase 220V
  • Power: 1.35KW
  • Food weight: 10-250g
  • Machine weight: 280kg

Machine Advantages

  • Machine parts in contact with food are made of special food grade material
  • With multi-functionality, a variety of cutters and molds to choose from.
  • With long cutting device, wire cutting device, sesame ball sprinkling device, sink-in device, bear cookie, two-color ball, spiral fruit and other kinds of molds.
  • Production speed up to 5400 pieces/hour, high efficiency, greatly save manpower and material resources.
  • Adopt PLC intelligent touch screen film control panel, easy to operate, easy to adjust food data, can store up to 100 kinds of product parameters.


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