SV-208A chocolate filled cookies making machine

SV-208A Automatic Chocolate filled cookies making machine can be used to produce all kinds of biscuits, also can produce mochi, coxinha, kubba, falafel,Protein ball  and other foods. The production speed is high, which is suitable for mass production in food factories. The machine has intelligent PLC control and up to 99 kinds of product memory functions. It is an upgraded version of SV-208 encrusting machine. There are three hoppers, which can make food with one skin and two fillings, or food with two skins and one filling.This machine can be used alone or in conjunction with other machines, such as cutting machine, panel setting machine , stamping machine, rounding machine,arranging machine.

SV-208A stuffing machine can be combined with cutter, roller, stamper etc. to produce a variety of products. Various shapes can be produced by changing different molds, such as: cylinder, square, long, round, animal shape, etc.

  • Machine size: 168*86*170cm
  • Production speed: 60-99pcs/min
  • Voltage: Single-phase 220V
  • Power: 1.75KW
  • Machine weight: 360kg
  • Product seed volume: 10-270g

Machine Advantages

1.A variety of device configurations: there are plate configuration, wire cutting configuration, long cutting configuration, solid object configuration, etc.
2.Adopt intelligent control system, easy to operate, PLC has 99 kinds of product memory function, easy to operate; at the same time, it can also count production capacity and facilitate production management.
3.For thin and soft skins, such as fish balls and fish paste, pineapple cakes with crisp skins, and sticky mochi skins, it has a special molding effect, which is more outstanding than all the filling series equipment.
4.A vent device is designed on the transparent window of the rectifier, is to prevent air from entering the material, which will affect the gram weight and shelf life of the product
5.feeding stable pressure wheel, to prevent the weight instability caused by the backflow resistance when conveying raw materials

Food display

panda cookies

Panda Cookies

Chocolate filled cookies

Two Color Chocolate Filled Cookies

Wire Cutting Cookies

Checkerboard Cookies



mochi bread

Mochi Bread

date energy ball

Date Energy Ball



Pineapple Cake

Pineapple Cake



Fish ball

Fish Ball

sesame ball

Sesame Ball

mochi ice cream

Mochi Ice Cream

wire cut cookies

Wire Cut Cookies

chocolate filled cookies

Chocolate Filled Cookies

Shami kabab

Shami Kabab

Meat ball

Meat Ball

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