SV-208 Meatball Machine Line

A small portion of ground meat that has been seasoned and rolled into a round ball like shape. Meatballs were most likely created as a way to use up excess meat, taking scraps of meat, grinding them into small bits and possibly adding some fillers to help hold the mixture together. The meat is rolled into a ball for use in soups, stews, sauces, and pasta dishes. Today, meatballs are served as appetizers, as side dishes to the main course, or they can be combined with foods such as pasta or noodles to become the main dish. It can be made by using SV-208 meatball machine line including SV-208 encrusting machine and round-arranging machine.

The Popular Meatballs

Two of the most popular meatball dishes are spaghetti and meatballs, both very common foods that originated in Italy. Spaghetti and meatballs typically combine strands of pasta, but also other pasta shapes with meatballs and a pasta sauce to prepare this common Italian dish. The meatballs are combined with some type of filler, such as flour or breadcrumbs, pieces of bread or mashed potatoes.

SV-208 Meatball Machine Line

Several other meatball like foods that are often considered to be meatballs are fishballs and matzah balls. Fishballs are made with bits of fish or seafood that are combined with fillers and then cooked in boiling water rather than baked or fried. Matzah balls, which is a traditional Jewish food, are cooked in a broth and are then typically served with the broth as a Matzo ball soup.

What machine can make meatballs?

The tasty meatball is one of the popular snack worldwide. It is can be made by our SV-208 encrusting machine, round arranging machine.

User-friendly color touch screen, date for up to 99 products can be stored in the SV208 with large production capacity and superior facilitate production management. Iniside the filling feeder, we have stable feeding rollers to keep weight of each product the same,   which might effect by the back-flow resistance when transfering raw materials. For cutter swing structure, there are three cutting points upper, middle and lower can be choosed to meet your different product requirements. In order to improve the gear abrasion resistance, we invented double chain structure to make sure gear running smoothly.

Using with rounding-arranging all-in-one machine to complete this amazing meatball production line, which saves a lot of labour cost and boost productivity.


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