SV-208 Encrusting Machine

The SV208 encrusting machine is the best-seller of our company with high-performance and high precision. It can produce up to 200-300 different kinds of stuffed and un-stuffed pastries with the production speed of 60-90 pcs./min. It is suitable for products under 180 grams, especially products under 50 grams, with a high output of 80-120 per minute. We use strong and hygienic stainless steel cutter that meets your sanitary requirements. The products with thin and soft sticky skin, such as kubba, energy ball, fish paste, pineapple cake with crisp skin and sticky mochi skin, can be made with the specialized molding.

Technical Parameters

  • Machine size: 168*86*130cm
  • Production speed: 60-90 pcs/min
  • Voltage: Single-phase 220V
  • Power: 1.35KW
  • Food weight: 10-250g
  • Machine weight: 280kg

Machine Advantages

  • With multi-functionality, a variety of cutters and molds to choose from;
  • With long cutting device, wire cutting device, sesame ball sprinkling device, sink-in device, bear cookie, two-color ball, spiral fruit and other kinds of molds;
  • Production speed up to 5400 pieces/hour, high efficiency, greatly save manpower and material resources;
  • With user-friendly color touch screen, date for up to 99 products can be stored in the SV-208 with large production capacity and superior facilitate production management;
  • Inside the filling feeder, we have stable feeding rollers to keep weight of each product the same,   which might effect by the back-flow resistance when transfering raw materials;
  • For cutter swing structure, there are three cutting points upper, middle and lower can be chose to meet your different product requirements;
  • In order to improve the gear abrasion resistance, we invented double chain structure to make sure gear running smoothly.

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