SV-180 Maamoul Production Line

Maamoul cookies are the famous middle eastern shortbread pastries filled with dates or nuts. They are traditional at religious holidays in the middle Eastern countries. It can simply made by using our Longyu SV-180 Maamoul Production Line which consists of SV-180 encrusting machine, SV-303 stamping machine and SV-302 tray arranging machine. If you are intersted, please contact me for further information!

What is Maamoul?

Maamoul cookies are known as the Arabic butter cookies with dates. Maamoul is very famous in the Middle East during religious holidays for both Muslims and Christians. Along with other middle eastern cookies like kahk, these cookies are made in huge quantities during festive days to celebrate and share with neighbors and guests. Mamoul cookie can be made with semolina, farina, plain flour or a combination. It can be filled with dates or nuts, but the most famous filling is the dates.

How can our production line help?

Longyu SV-180 Maamoul Production Line is specialized for cookie or dessert with only one kind of stuffing. SV-180 has two hoppers, one for wrapping dough the other for the filling. It will not take too much space and it is suitable for restaurant, pastry shop, ice cream shop. SV-180 maamoul encrustuing machine is an automatic filling and forming machine which is efficient for maamoul. In addition, SV-180 is compatible with jam filling feeder, solid filling feeder, cutter, rounder and moulder, and etc.

The whole body of SV180 uses 304 stainless steel and food grade material  to meet your sanitary needs, easy to wash. The production speed reaches 80 pcs/min with tolerance within 1gram of each product weight. PLC intelligent touch screen are used on the SV-180, user friendly for beginners. For the electric components, we use OTG motor, Delta PLC & inverters,to make sure the machine operational performance more stable and it can save up to 99 recipes in the system.

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