Qingming Festival Special-Qingtuan

Chinese Memorial Day or we call “Qingming” is one of the 24 solar terms in the traditional Chinese Calendar and one of the most important festivals in China to worship spring, honor ancestors, sweep tombs and go hiking. It is usually on the 4th, 5th, or 6th of April of each year.


Qingtuan are the ultimate festival food for Qingming. The sweet green rice ball “Qingtuan” is a traditional Chinese dessert that serves during springtime each year. The red bean paste or the salted egg yolk and pork floss filling make a delicious sweet and savory dessert. The dessert is made of a mixture of glutinous rice flour and filled with red bean paste. Besides, it added the juice of “wormwood” to the dough to make it green and refreshing. Nowadays, Qingtuan becomed a trending snack dessert due to the creative and rasty fillings.

Red Bean Qingtuan

All the factories and shops start to make Qingtuan in the mid-Feburary in China. It  has a variety of fillings nowadays according to people’s taste. Among all the fillings, salted egg yolks with pork floss has always been the favourite. Qingtuan making machine has become the best-seller at this time of year. SV-208A has three hoppers which can satisfy our favorite flavor which includes two fillings and one wrapping skin.

Salted Egg Yolks with Pork Floss Qingtuan

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