SV-208a Mooncake Encrusting Machine

The new automatic mooncake/mammoul machine – SV-208A- Multipurpose Filling & Forming Machine – is capable of Mass production of moon cakes with full fillings and beautiful shapes, a variety of molds can be customized. The machine has three hoppers, which can match one kind of leather material with two kinds of fillings, or two kinds of leather materials with one kind of filling, with various appearances. A variety of devices are available. Breaking through the traditional vertical hopper, the horizontal hopper is adopted, with stable feeding, uniform discharge, effective control of flow rate and uniform weight. The production capacity reaches 60-99 pieces/min,The HMI touch panels ,The servo-driven depositing is controlled by PLC program.easy to operate.



  • Machine size: 168*86*170cm
  • Power: 3 kW
  • Voltage:single-phase 220V
  • Production speed: 60-99 pcs/min
  • food weight: 10–270 g
  • machine weight:360kg
    Production speed is for reference only. It’ll change according to foods specifications.

Stable feeding and uniform discharge
Effective control of flow rate and consistent product weight
A variety of mold research and development options are available to make the appearance pattern prosperous.
There are cutting long device, wire cutting device etc.product types vary.
High speed and capacity,Fully automatic ,PLC touch screen,Intelligent setting parameters,easy for operation, cleaning, assembling,   and repairing.Dramatically reduce labor costs, time, money.
Available product range:mooncake/maamoul,different shapes cookies,ice cream mochi ,different filling foods etc.


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