SV-180 energy ball machine

Why choose our energy ball machine?

About Chocolate Energy Balls

      Energy Balls are a combination of dried fruit, nut butter, seeds, and other ingredient add-ins that offer a densely nutritious snack in a little ball. They taste like dessert, but are actually good for you!

Energy Balls

About Energy Ball Making Machine

      The SV-180 energy ball making machine was originally designed for making Chinese food dumplings. Due to the needs of customers, after several upgrades, it can now make many different kinds of ball-shaped products, such as meat balls, protein balls, energy balls, fish balls,coconut balls,chocolate date balls, dough Balls,Sesame Balls etc.

sesame ball
Meat ball
Fish ball

      This machine can also make many other foods, such as kubba (kibbeh), empanadas, mooncake, maamoul, coxinha, buns etc.

      Combination of three machines: SV-180 encrusting machine, rounder machine, roller type flouring machine.

      SV-180 encrusting machine has two hoppers. The leather and stuffing are extruded to the rectifier through the screw , down to the nozzle, cut by the cutter, and formed. The machine is fully automatic PLC control system, which can store Hundreds of food recipes. It is matched with a rounder machine and a roller-type flouring machine to make the food uniform and consistent in size.

Advantages of our SV-180 machines

1.Stainless steel 304, in line with food hygiene standards.

2.Fully automatic and intelligent, easy to operate and easy to clean

3.The diameter of the food product is 10-90mm, and the food proportion and speed are adjustable. The maximum production capacity is 90pcs/min.

4.The device is small and flexible, and can be moved at will


SV-180 Ball Machine Line

      Our SV-280 energy ball making machine is an upgraded version of the SV-180, it has more functionality, more capacity, and more mold choices

SV-208 Ball Machine Line

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    mochi ice cream machine line

    Start Making Your Own Mochi Ice Cream With These Amazing Machines!

    What is Mochi Ice Cream?

          Mochi ice cream is a popular dessert in East Asia, typically served on special occasions or as a snack at festivals. Most notably, it is served in Japanese tea ceremonies.

          This ice cream alternative originated in Japan, but can also be found in other Asian countries such as China or Korea. It has been popularized by the Japanese TV show - The Great Tetsuya Mochi Challenge.

          The differences between mochi ice cream and regular Western-style ice cream are significant: while the latter requires cooking and freezing, the former only needs to be frozen with liquid nitrogen. This makes mochi ice cream significantly easier to prepare than Western-style ice cream without sacrificing any taste or texture!mochi ice cream,also known as yukimi daifuku.which featuring its relatively thin skin and abundant fillings.It is similar to snow skin mooncake, which is an unbaked mooncake with tapioca flour crust with cold fillings.

    mochi ice cream
    mochi ice cream
    mochi ice cream
    mochi ice cream
    mochi ice cream
    mochi ice cream
    What is a Mochi Ice Cream Maker and How Does it Work?

         SV-208 is an efficient automatic filling and forming mochi ice cream machine. Double hopper, one hopper for mochi dough and one hopper for inner filling. The production speed of small products can be as high as 6000pcs/h, which is 1.5 times than others supplier. Mochi ice cream of different sizes and filling ratios can be made by changing different molds. SV-208 can also produce mochi cookies, maamoul, kubba, dumplings, meat balls etc. If you want to make ice cream mochi with particles such as strawberries and mango particles, we recommend our SV-380 machine, which can maintain the integrity of the particles


    1.6pcs USA top brand EMERSON fire frequency converter, delta servo motor and PLC controller to guarantee the machine stable working and more effective production

    2.304 stainless steel body,Parts in contact with the product are food grade

    3.With thicken telfron coated food chanel coating, can prevent the food stick inside the food chanel, more easy to clean.

    4.PLC intelligent control system touch screen, easy to operate,can store hundreds of foods date

    5.Combine the encrusting, forming and stamping function together to save the room and make it more easy to operate and maintain. easy to remove and install also can improve the production obviously.

    mochi ice cream machine
    mochi ice cream machine
    mochi ice cream machine
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    What machine packages are available?

         The SV-280 machine can be equipped with a tray and an independent suction cup manipulator to automatically align the mochi into a mochi tray one by one without manual operation.

    SV-208A Mochi Ice Cream Line

        The SV-280 can also be used with a rotary powder coating machine, which can coat rice bran, shredded coconut, sesame seeds, corn starch, etc. without manual grabbing.

    mochi ice cream machine line
    SV-280 Mochi Ice Cream Line

      Is The Kubba Machine Worth Investing In?

      What Is A Kubba/Kibbeh?

             kubba/kibbeh is the national dish of many middle eastern countries,The best way to describe it is a lamb croquette, meatball, or dumpling.The outer shell of the kubba is made up of ground rice and minced beef, while the inside is a fatty lamb mince which has been blended with onions and spices. Kibbeh is eaten in Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt (kobeiba), Iraq, as well as Armenia (kuefteh), Iran, Israel, Cyprus (koupes) and in Turkey it is called içli köfte.

      What's So Special About The Kubba/kibbeh Machine?

           SV-208 fully automatic encrusting machine, the equipment is small and flexible, and can be moved at will. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, and the sawtooth tube is integrated, which is easy to clean, has no dead ends, and is easy to install. The rectifier is the bottom discharge, the discharge is stable, and the leather is uniform. Solve the production efficiency problem of traditional handmade. better quality food, less loss of food, more profit ,Product length, size and shape are flexible and can be customized. There are a variety of cutter and molds to choose from.


      Advantages of kubba Machine

      1.The production speed can reach 5900pcs/h, the speed is fast

      2.Made of 304 stainless steel, in line with international food safety standards.

      3.6 motors, 5 inverters, two hoppers

      4.Intelligent PLC control panel, which can store up to 90 kinds of food parameters inside

      5.Versatility, not only can make kubba/kibbeh, but also maamoul, mochi ice cream, cookies, meat balls etc.

      kubba machine
      Video Of Our Kubba/Kibbeh Machine
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