Mooncake Machine

Mooncake Machine Description: The Mooncake Machine is one of hot selling products in our factory. it’s small, covering a little space, very suitable for small shop, breakfast shop, restaurant using. By changing different stamping molds, the automatic mooncake machine can make moon cake/maamoul in different shapes, such as round shape, square shape, oval shape…….and equipped with PLC intelligent touch screen, easy to operate,very kind for beginners!

Mooncake Machine

Mooncake Machine Description:

SV-180 Encrusting machine is the most popular food machine in our factory.  Mooncake machine is a multipurpose encrusting machine,which can make maamoul, mooncake in different patterns by changing various kinds of stamping molds.

Automatic maamoul machine

SV-180 mooncake machine consists of two parts: one is encrusting machine, another part is stamping device.  SV-180 encrusting machine is to stuff the filling into the maamoul dough. usually the filling can be soft and sticky, and jujube paste or dates are the most common fillings. it also can be red bean paste, lotus seed paste, black sesame paste, mung bean pastes, and so on. The function of stamping machine is to form different patterns on the top surface of the stuffed mooncake dough. In China mooncakes are either round or square shaped. Most of the traditional mooncakes are round, because roundness symbolizes completeness and reunion. In Middle Eastern countries, mooncakes are also called maamoul, maamul, they are usually round like a ball, crescent form, shaped as a dome or flattened as a disc.

maamoul machine

Also, with the same cutter and mold, the small encrusting machine can make stuffed cookies, soft cookies, chocolate biscuit, dates biscuit.  Sticky food is also ok for the mooncake machine, such as mochi, ice cream mochi, rice ball, rice cakes, cheese rice cakes. Besides stuffed products, SV-180 encrusting machine also can make food without filling, such as energy balls, fish ball, beef ball, protein bars, dates bars…..

Over the years, the continuous production and improvement of equipment has accumulated more pattern molds and programming solutions, and customers can freely choose from the abundant patterns in the stamping mold catalog. The number of stamping molds that can be selected for ordinary mooncake machines is less than one-twentieth our  mooncake/ maamoul machine. Additionally, we support customization service. Our engineers and designers can make the pattern drawings according to customer’s requirements. Here are some stamping patterns from our mold catalog:

Maamoul molds

As mentioned before, this SV-180 mooncake machine is good for soft and sticky fillings, such as dates, red bean paste.  also we have other types of mooncake making machine for other fillings. SV-208A encrusting machine has three hoppers, which can make mooncake with one skin and two fillings. The innermost filling can be jam, cream, berry sauce;SV-198 encrusting machine with a solid filling device can make maamoul with egg yolk, one of the most classic Chinese mooncakes; SV-208B encrusting machine, with 4 hoppers, can make colorful mooncakes and gradient mooncakes, which are very popular with youth;SV-580 encrusting machine can make ham mooncake, also can process the hard and loosing fillings, such as the pistachios, almonds, walnuts…….

maamoul making machine


  • Model: SV-180
  • Machine Size: 100*100*138cm
  • Machnie weight: 180KG
  • Power: 1.5KW
  • Voltage: 220V 50/60Hz Single Phrase
  • Capacity: 60-80pcs/min
  • Product Weight: 10-150g

Kubba Machine Details


  1. 304 stainless steel, food grade material, durable and easy to clean.
  2. High speed. Up to 90 pcs/min.
  3. Error of each product within 1g, stable product weight.
  4. PLC intelligent touch screen, easy to operate for beginners.
  5. Famous electric components, OTG motor, Delta PLC & inverters, make the machine operational performance more stabler.
  6. Can save the production data of 99 products, just need to adjust the parameters one time for single product.
  7. Available for gluten dough, such as steamed bun, mantou, momo, baozi, siopao.
  8. Small volume, suitable for small shop, restaurant, breakfast shop.


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