Easy Chocolate Coconut Date Ball Machine

Easy Chocolate Coconut Date Ball Machine

The coconut date ball production line is the most popular machine of Longyu Company. In addition to making date balls, it can also make other ball products, such as energy balls, protein balls, cookie balls and so on. Moreover, we have production lines with different outputs for customers to choose!!!

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Easy Chocolate Coconut Date Ball Machine

What the coconut date balls?

Coconut Date balls are are a naturally sweet paleo and vegan treat or snack that are very popular among people in Europe, America and the Middle East. It’s a special dessert that most people make at Christmas, give as gifts to friends and neighbors, or enjoy with family.

It’s very easy to make and requires no baking. mainly included with only three simple ingredients: pecans, dates, and coconuts. The outside of date balls has a textured coconut feel with a soft and almost creamy inside. People who love food make other kinds of date balls, some of which are filled with fillings, such as rose sauce and chocolate sauce, which also have a special flavor.


            coconut date ball machine


What the coconut date ball machines?

The coconut date ball production line mainly consists of three machines, namely, SV-208 encrusting machine, rounding machine, and powder coating machine. They are small and easy to operate, making them ideal for stores and pastry shops.

Chocolate date ball making machine

The function of each machine is very clear. The date ball stuffing machine mainly cuts the date dough into small doses of equal weight. Then through the conveyor belt, the small doses enter the rounder, and the rolling disc rotates at high speed to make the irregular small doses into balls, and then enter the powder coat machine, which turns over at a constant speed to make the surface of the date balls uniform thin shredded coconut.

coconut ball machine

In addition to making date balls, this coconut date ball production line can also make chocolate balls, stuffed energy ball, bliss ball, butter filled balls….

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