Delicious Sesame Ball making machine

To complete this delicious sesame ball machine, we need three machines: SV-208, the updated version of SV 180, rounding machine and turn table.

With the high performance and better technology, SV 208 has well presented its advantages. It can produce up to 200-300 different kinds of stuffed and un-stuffed pastries with the production speed of 60-90 pcs./min.

It usually collaborates with rounding machine and turn table to become the new production line, which can make sesame ball, Mochi and all kinds of round pastry with filling inside.

What is sesame ball?

sesame ball making machine

Sesame seed balls are one of the most popular in China, offered at dim sum restaurants and sold by street vendors. They have a crispy exterior with a chewy interior, and a toasty, nutty, sweet taste. A simple dough of sugar, water, and rice flour is wrapped around a filling of red bean paste, then the balls are coated in sesame seeds and deep-fried until golden brown.

What machines can make the potato cheese ball in our company?

The sesame ball can be made by the following three equipment, SV-208 encrusting machine, rounding machine and turn table. The SV-208 multipurpose filling & forming machine is capable of mass production with fillings in different kinds of shapes, a variety of molds can be customized. This equipment has two hoppers, one for dough and another for red bean filling.

Unlike the traditional vertical hopper, the horizontal hopper has stable feeding system and flow rate. The production capacity reaches 60-99 pcs/min. With user-friendly colorful touch screen, data for up to 99 products can be stored in the SV-208 with large production capacity and superior facilitate production management. Inside the filling feeder, we have stable feeding rollers to keep weight of each product the same,   which might effect by the back-flow resistance when transferring raw materials. For cutter swing structure, there are three cutting points upper, middle and lower can be chosen to meet your product requirements.

After the SV-208 is rounding machine. It can roll irregular ball into a round ball instead of manual rolling, which saves production time and improves production efficiency.

The last machine to complete this delicious snack is a turn table, which can coat the sticky products with sesame seeds.



  • Model: SV-208
  • Machine Size: 168*86*130 cm
  • Machine weight: 280 KG
  • Power: 1.35 KW
  • Voltage: 220 V  Single Phrase
  • Capacity: 60-90pcs/min
  • Product Weight: 10-150g


  • Model: Rounding machine
  • Machine Size: 42*32*82 cm
  • Machine weight: 30 KG
  • Power: 0.14 KW
  • Voltage: 220 V Single Phrase


  • Model: Turn table
  • Machine Size: 53*55*72 cm
  • Machine weight: 50 KG
  • Power: 0.14 KW
  • Voltage: 220 V Single Phrase
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