Delicious Daifuku Ice Cream Mochi Machine

Delicious Ice Cream Mochi Machine

Ice cream mochi is one of the most popular desserts in summer all over the world. It is cold and refreshing to relieve heat. It is usually composed of mochi dough and ice cream, and there are many kinds of ice cream fillings, such as vanilla ice cream filling, strawberry ice cream filling, chocolate ice cream filling, etc. All of them can be made by our SV-180 ice cream mochi making machine.

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Delicious Ice Cream Mochi Machine

What’s ice cream mochi?

Mochi ice cream is a kind of ice dessert with round glutinous rice added to ice cream. The ice cream flavor adds sweetness and texture. Use ingredients such as vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavored ice cream and others such as Kona coffee, fruit wine, red beans, etc.; ice cream can also be supplemented and treated with potato or cornstarch to prevent shape change.

mochi ice cream making machine

What’s ice cream mochi machine?

Handmade ice cream mochi not only has relatively complicated ingredients and processes, but also tends to harden, cannot be stored, and has a poor taste. It is impossible to realize industrial production and ensure product quality.

While the mochi made by ice cream mochi machine is not only easy to operate, but also has the characteristics of smooth ice, non-sticky teeth, waxy and soft tendons, low sweetness, and no graininess. It is not easy to age when frozen or room temperature. And storage conditions shelf life of up to 6 months.

This is SV-180 delicious ice cream mochi machine, the smallest mochi machine, suitable for ice cream shop or stores using.

daifuku mochi machine

The main function of the automatic mochi making machine is to fill ice cream inside of mochi dough. the ice cream mochi machine has two hoppers, the small one is for mochi dough, and another big one is for ice cream. After setting the parameters on the PLC touch screen, the mochi machine can work normally. If you want to make mochi ice cream in different sizes, just change the extrusion molds.

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