Cookies Machine

Cookies Machine Description:

Single color cookies machine is one of the most popular cookie & biscuit machine in Longyu factory, which can produce various kinds of unique design cookies by twisting or wire cutting the cookie dough. There are a variety of molds for customers to choose. If you want a cookie machine with more functions, you can choose SV-700C three-color cookie machine.For more information, please send an inquiry!

Cookie Machine

Cookie Machine Description:

SV-700 Cookie Machine is one multifunctional cookie machine produced by Longyu Company, which can make various kinds of cookies by changing devices and cookie molds. it has small volume, easy operation and big capacity, very suitable for bakery, cookie shop…

cookie making machine

SV-700 cookie machine, also can be called as single color cookie machine, one-hopper cookie machine. it has one hopper, only one-color cookies can be made. Although the color is very single, there are various types of  cookie molds, such as square cookie mold, love cookie mold, round shape mold, pentagram shape mold, Christmas tree shape mold, snowflake shape mold, flower shape mold, long strip shape mold, twisting shape mold…….which can be made by changing wire cutting molds and nozzle molds.

Over the years, the continuous production and improvement of the cookie machine has accumulated more pattern molds and programming solutions, and customers can freely choose from the abundant products in the mold catalog. The number of molds that can be selected for ordinary cookie machines in the market is less than one-twentieth our cookie machine. Here are some molds user can choose from:

Cookie molds


Automatic cookie machine

Also we can provide customization service. user can send me the pictures of the patterns he or she likes, then our engineer design the mold drawings according to the size.

There are two main devices of the single color cookie machine: wire cutting device and twisting device. with wire cutting device, the automatic cookie machine can make round cookies, square cookies, star cookies, moon cookies… Equipped with twisting device, the machine can make different cookie shapes with one twisting mold, amazing ! Take the 8-teeth nozzle molds as an example.  If the cookie dough is directly extruded from the nozzle mold,  the user can get 8 corner-shaped cookies; if the nozzle mold can be rotated a quarter turn to the left or right, the cookie machine can make flower cookies; after the nozzle mold rotates a quarter turn from left to right, go back the same way, several times in a row, user can get cookie towers.; if the nozzle mold continues to extrude, and the conveyor belt moves forward, user can get long strip cookies….All these can be adjusted and controlled on the PLC intelligent touch screen.

cookie machine

In addition to this one color cookie machine, we also have other types of cookie machines. such as three-color cookie machine, it has more devices, cookie molds, more functions, bigger capacity…very suitable for industrial cookie factory; Big cookie machine is more suitable for the cookies larger than 4 cm in diameter,up to 7 cm; Cookie encrusting machine, which is the most flexible machine, which can make stuffed cookies, wire cutting cookies, long strip cookies……we can recommend the suitable machine for customers according to requirements of customers!!

Cookie Machine Parameters:

  • Machine size: 124*98*131cm
  • Production speed: 0-45 rows/min
  • Voltage: Single-phase 220V
  • Power: 3.5KW
  • Machine weight: 250kg
  • Product seed volume: 10-270g


  1. The body is made of 304 stainless steel, the roller is made of 7076 aviation aluminum, easy to clean.
  2. The cookie molds are made of stainless steel, copper, and polymer UPE, which are available for buyers to choose from.
  3. Servo motor, best stability and precision, small weight error, stable product weight
  4. PLC intelligent programming satisfies the arbitrary variability in shape, pattern and style of the cookie machine whether it is twisted or wire-cut, making the product types rich and flexible.
  5. Intelligent touch screen,easy to operate for beginners.
  6. Adopt simple and exquisite humanized operation concept when developing this equipment, which makes the structure more reasonable, convenient for feeding, easy to disassemble and clean
  7. Famous electric components, OTG motor, Delta PLC & inverters, make the machine operational performance more stabler.
  8. Various kinds of cookie molds can be chosen from. support customization service.
  9. Besides cookie, macarons, cupcakes, crackers, ala bars can be made
  10. 12-month warranty.

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