Cookie Making Machine

SV-700C automatic three-color cookie making machine provides 5 main functions:  filling function, twisting function, cutting function, wire cutting function and jam embellishment function. Through changing the devices and cookie molds, it can make different cookies,  such as panda cookies, danish cookies, chocolate stuffed cookies, date cookie bars, twisting cookies, chocolate cookie with jam……

It’s suitable for factory using. if you want cookie machine with a small output capacity, can consider SV-700A cookie machine.

Industrial Cookie Making Machine

SV-700C cookie machine is an industrial food machinery produced by Longyu Company. It is completely independently developed and has obtained a number of technical patents. Its biggest feature is that there are many cookie molds and large output, very suitable for big factory using.

cookie making machine

SV-700C automatic cookie machine has 5 main devices: wire cutting device, twisting device, stuffing device, long strip cutting device, jam putting device.

1.Wire Cutting Device:

This is the one device that most customers will choose. On the one hand, it is the most affordable of the five devices, on the other hand, the wire cutting device matches the most types of cookie molds. Customers can make more than 200 shapes of wire cutting cookies through changing the cookie molds, such as, round shape, square shape -the most classic shape; small animal shapes: panda cookies, bear cookies, penguin cookies, bunny cookies, piggy cookies, puppy cookies, lion cookies….;and other shapes: love cookies, smile cookies, flower cookies, pentagram cookies, and so on. We also can customize the wire cutting cookie molds according to customers’ requirements.

Over the years, The continuous production and improvement of equipment has accumulated more pattern molds and programming solutions, and customers can freely choose from the abundant products in the cookie mold catalog.

cookie machine

2. Twisting Device

Equipped with twisting device, the three-color cookie machine can make different cookie shapes with one twisting mold, amazing ! Take the 8-teeth nozzle molds as an example.  If the cookie dough is directly extruded from the nozzle mold,  the user can get 8 corner-shaped cookies; if the nozzle mold can be rotated a quarter turn to the left or right, the cookie machine can make flower cookies; after the nozzle mold rotates a quarter turn from left to right, go back the same way, several times in a row, user can get cookie towers.; if the nozzle mold continues to extrude, and the conveyor belt moves forward, user can get long strip cookies….All these can be adjusted and controlled on the PLC intelligent touch screen.

Twisting cookie machine

3. Stuffing Device

The cookie making machine equipped with filling hopper and small cutter heads can make stuffed cookies. With other devices installed, the cookie machine can make 9 cookies at a time; but if it is making filled cookies, it can only make up to 6 cookies at a time. Because the opening of the mini cutter needs a certain space to cut off the stuffed cookie dough, The cookie can be one skin and one filling , or two-color skin and one filling.

cookie making machine

4. Long Strip Cutting Device

By changing the different cookie molds, the cookie machine forms cookie dough column in different patterns. The length of the cookie bar can be controlled and adjusted on the intelligent PLC touch screen.

long strip cookie machine

5. Jam Putting Device

4-hopper cookie machine has 4 hoppers, one of them is for jam. Customers can choose according to their needs. With the jam supply hopper, the grade and taste of cookies are greatly improved.

jam cookie machine

Cookie Machine Details

cookie machine

  • Machine size: 350*155*185cm
  • Production speed: 200-500 pcs/min
  • Voltage: Single-phase 220V
  • Power: 8.5KW
  • Machine weight: 1300kg
  • Product seed volume: 5-100g
Machine Advantages
  1. It satisfies the arbitrary variability in shape, pattern and style of the cookie machine, whether it is stuffing, twisting flowers, wire cutting, cutting strips or jam embellishment functions, making the product types rich and flexible.
  2. The ordinary cookie machine has a single function, but the three-color cookie machine has many functions, and one machine is multi-purpose. Save costs, food factory space, etc.
  3. The number of molds is large, and various options are available for reference.
  4. High machine stability and precision.
  5. The simple and exquisite humanized operation concept makes the structure more reasonable, convenient for feeding, and convenient for disassembly and washing.

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