Company History

Founding of Shanghai Longyu Electro-Mechanic Technology Co., Ltd.

Moon cake has been very popular in China, at that time found that there is no mature moon cake food machine, in 2008 is the thing to build a factory to set up R & D department, and with the cooperation of domestic key universities, successfully developed a fully automatic wrapping machine SV-208. wrapping machine occupies little space, simple and convenient operation, at that time quickly into a lot of factories, performance continues to rise, which opened a chapter for the growth of longyu.

Expanding within the company

Due to the improvement of sales performance, the company has added a fine addition department, forming a production, supply and marketing, a one-stop business model. In September of the same year, we passed ISO9001 quality system certification and CE quality system certification.

Dedicated to developing food machinery while going to the global market

Due to the opportunity of Chinese food market, Longyu developed a series of Chinese fully automatic machines, such as SV-180,SV-208A SV-208B,SV-208C, etc., which can make ice cream mochi, runny moon cake, single yolk moon cake, chocolate filling cookies, soup dumplings, meatballs, etc. ...... expanded the factory again in the same year, which is three times of the previous one.  Longyu is also gradually expanding into the international market and is available in many locations around the world.

Three types of cookie equipment and the introduction of the machine line

Due to customer demand, Longyu independently developed the first internationally competitive wrapping and lining integrated machine, and the R&D technology broke through again to promote the development of food equipment in China. The next year the research and development team researched for a year the cookie machine came out, ushering in a new noble for the cookie industry.

Leaning better and looking ahead

With the increasingly powerful network era, but also contact with a large number of foreign food, to understand its characteristics, in order to meet the needs of the times, the configuration of the product machine increasingly lean, continue to improve the deep digging, and continue to break through the limits of the industry to enhance our brand value, playing an important role in the food equipment industry, to tap more opportunities.

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