Chinese Baozi Making Machine

Chinese Baozi Making Machine

SV-180 steamed bun making machine is a small machine for breakfast shops, small restuarants. It can make 20-80 pcs/min according to the grams of steamed bun. By changing the devices, cutter, molds, it also can make kubba, meat ball, maamoul, mochi, falafel, etc. Very multifunctional!!

Chinese Baozi Making Machine

Chinese Steamed Bun Making Machine Description:

The SV-180 steamed bun machine has been upgraded and refitted to handle dough with gluten, making baozi, steamed buns,momo, mantou.  Small size, easy to move, very suitable for small restaurant stores. Influenced by Chinese food culture, this machine is very popular in Southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and so on.

steamed bun making machine

The steamed bun making machine has 2 hoppers. The bigger one is for dough, another small one is for filling.It is worth mentioning that the hopper for dough and the screws inside are custom-made, which will not damage the gluten of the dough and keep the steamed buns with a good taste. Without the custom hopper and screws, the resulting baozi is very hard and unpalatable!!!

As for the stuffing, there is no problem with vegetable stuffing and meat stuffing. But if it is beef stuffing, customer need to remove the fascia on the meat first, otherwise the cutter is  not easy to cut off.

The appearance of this baozi making machine is the same as that of ordinary small encrusting machine in the market. But the internal structure is different. Ordinary small encrusting machines can’t make baozi. Their differences are mainly reflected in the hopper, screws, cutter blade and cutter head. Among them, the cutter is the main difference.

baozi making machine

The cutter used on the baozi making machine is 9-piece blade with designed patterns, specialized for making steamed bun.  The side of the blades is not closed, reducing the friction area between blades.  It has high- frequency closure, easy to dissipate heat, so that the cutter is more wear-resistant and the service life can be extended.

While, the the cutter on the ordinary machine usually is 6-piece blades. Usually used to make coxinha, kubba, maamoul, energy ball and other products. The 6 blade cutter is the most common cutter and is found in almost every encrusting machine on the market.

Some customers want to ask, can the Chinese baozi making machine only make steamed bun? Can it make other products? The answer is: of course!! it’s a multifunctional machine, which can make more than 100 kinds of products by changing the cutters and extrusion molds.

If customer wants to make baozi and coxinha, he needs to purchase another hopper, screws , cutter blades and cutter head. The cutter formaking steamed buns is 9 pieces, and the cutter for coxinha is 6 pieces, they do not share the same cutterhead.

Besides the baozi, the sv-180 encrusting machine also can make kubba, coxinha, maamoul, energy ball, stuffed cookie, arancini, falafel, mochi, ice cream mochi, churros, meat ball, rice cake, etc.

baozi making machine

The SV-180 baozi making machine is the smallest steamed bun machine in Longyu Company, which is suitable for small stores, such as breakfast stores, restaurant. We also have the industrial steamed bun production line with a capacity of 10800 pcs/h for big factory. At the same time, our engineers can also make plant planning drawings for customers!

industrial baozi production line

Steamed Bun Machine Parameters
  • Model: SV-180
  • Machine Size: 100*100*138cm
  • Machnie weight: 180KG
  • Power: 1.5KW
  • Voltage: 220V 50/60Hz Single Phrase
  • Capacity: 60-80pcs/min
  • Product Weight: 10-150g
Baozi Making Machine Details:

baozi making machine

Baozi Making Machine Advantages:
  1. 304 stainless steel, food grade material, durable and easy to clean.
  2. High speed. Up to 90 pcs/min.
  3. Error of each product within 1g, stable product weight.
  4. PLC intelligent touch screen, easy to operate for beginners.
  5. Famous electric components, OTG motor, Delta PLC & inverters, make the machine operational performance more stabler.
  6. Can save the production data of 99 products, just need to adjust the parameters one time for single product.
  7. Available for gluten dough, such as steamed bun, mantou, momo, baozi, siopao.
  8. Small volume, suitable for small shop, restaurant, breakfast shop.
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