Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies Machine

Chocolate chips cookie machine:

SV-380 encrusting machine is a new arrival in Longyu Company, which has 3 main features:

  1. can process gluten dough, can make cheese bread, empanada, naan bread…
  2. can make big grams products, up to 1500g, such as super big moon cakes.
  3. can process hard, loose, dry, soft, sticky fillings, such as chocolate chips, nuts granules, dates, red bean paste, cherry jam, etc.

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Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies Machine

What’s Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies?

Chocolate chip cookies were created in the 1930s by the Massachusetts cook Ruth Wakerfield, and were originally called Toll House Chocolate Crunch Cookie. A chocolate chip cookie is a sweet baked treat that is recognized by its butter flavor and the inclusion of chocolate chips. Some variations can include nuts, oatmeal or raisins as well.

Stuffed chocolate cookie machine

How does SV-380 Encrusting Machine Make Chocolate Chips Cookies?

First step: prepare the materials, mixing the materials in the mixer evenly.

Second step: put the cookie dough and fillings into hoppers of encrusting machine

Third step: set the parameters on the PLC touch screen, then click ” start”

Really really really easy to operate!!!

SV-380 Encrusting Machine,  our latest machine, which is an upgrade of the ordinary SV- 208 encrusting machine. It can do all the food that the ordinary encrusting machine can do, such as dates maamoul, stuffed cookies, energy ball, kubba, coxinha, mooncake, falafel, rice cake, mochi, ice cream mochi, protein bar, and so on.

The ordinary encrusting machine in the market only can process the soft and sticky fillings, like dates filling, red bean paste,etc. While the SV-380 encrusting machine, besides the soft and sticky fillings, biggest upgrade point is that it can handle dry, hard and loose fillings, such as nuts filling, chocolate chips, pea yellow, cooked ground meat.

cookie machine

So SV-380 encrusting machine can make chocolate chip cookies, nuts balls, energy balls with nuts granules, French arancini, walnut maamoul…. all these can not be made by ordinary encrusting machine.

Another advantage is that SV-380 encrusting machine process gluten dough, while ordinary machine can not! Usually, encrusting machines in the market mostly produce gluten-free products, such as common moon cakes, kubba, cookies, empanada, dumplings, etc. But for SV-380 encrusting machine, it also can make naan bread, steamed bun, kubba musel, cheese bread…… such low-gluten and medium gluten products!

Chocolate chips cookie machine

In addition to these two points, the SV-380 encrusting machine is specially developed for big gram products, up to 1500 g, amazing!!! In China, this machine is specially used to make local specialties, such as super big moon cakes, Yunnan buckwheat cakes, blessing cakes. In foreign countries, customers often use it to make pizza crust and naan bread.

High-end Configurations:

The SV-380 encrusting machine, equipped with high-end configurations, has a long time service life. Under normal situation, it can work for more than 12 years!

cookie making machine

automatic cookie machine

biscuit making machine

Chocolate Chip Cookie Machine Parameters:
  • Model: SV-380
  • Machine Size: 135*100*140cm
  • Machnie weight: 500KG
  • Power: 3KW
  • Voltage: 220V 50/60Hz Single Phrase
  • Capacity: 20-80pcs/min
  • Product Weight: 8-1500g
  1. Specially developed for big gram products, up to 1500g!
  2. Can process hard and loose fillings, while other machines can not.
  3. Can make gluten products, such cheese bread, naan bread, empanada,etc.
  4. Small weight error, about within 1g, stable product weight.
  5. PLC intelligent touch screen, easy to operate for beginners.
  6. Famous electric components, SERVO motor, Delta PLC & inverters, make the machine operational performance more stabler.
  7. Can save the production data of 99 products, just need to adjust the parameters one time for single product.
  8. Various kinds of products can be made, more than 100.
  9. Many devices and molds can be choose, very flexible.
  10. 12-month warranty.
  11. Detailed instruction manuals, training videos.



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