Automatic Steamed Bun Production Line

Automatic Steamed Bun Production Line

SV-209 automatic steamed bun production line is the industrial food machine for factory and chain restaurant using. Large output, automation, simple operation, greatly saving space, cost and labors. If you run a small store, and also want to make steamed bun, can consider our another baozi making machine–SV-180 steamed bun making machine

Automatic Steamed Bun Production Line

Chinese steamed stuffed buns, soft in taste, fresh and not greasy, shaped like chrysanthemums, unique in color, fragrance and shape, are very popular in many countries in the world, especially Southeast Asian countries.

Steamed stuffed bun is a kind of very convenient food, and it is in great demand every day.  For suppliers who are still making baozi manually, the output is too low to keep up with the market demand for steamed buns.

Therefore, it is necessary to change the production method, choose an automatic steamed stuffed bun production line, simplify production procedures, and increase production capacity.

automatic steamed bun production line

Shanghai Longyu is a professional steamed stuffed bun production line manufacturer and exporter, which ranks in the forefront of China’s food industry. We have professional designers and engineers who can provide customers with professional production line planning suggestions, such as plant layout, machine combination, placement, process formula, etc.

The automatic steamed bun production line consists of 8 machines, from right to left, they are: dough press machine, dough dividing machine, three-roller steamed bun machine, filling machine, pinching cutter machine, flower folding machine, paper putting machine, tray arranging machine. If customer want a whole baozi line, need to add dough mixer, fermenting machine, and steamer.

baozi making production line

Among these machines, the most important ones are three-roller steamed bun machine, pinching cutter machine, filling machine and flower folding machine.

Three roller steamed bun machine, its function is to roll the thick dough(about 2 cm)  into a thin smooth dough. Of course, the thickness of the dough can be set according to the customer’s product, the thinnest can reach 2 mm.

baozi forming machine

Filling machine, can fill meat stuffing, vegetable stuffing and other stuffings. There are also other models that can fill whole granules, such as egg yolks, quail eggs, whole meatballs, whole shrimp, etc. So many functions to meet the diverse needs of customers!!!

Next, it’s pinching cutter machine. When the thin dough wraps the stuffing, it will form a long steamed bun column. The function of the pinching cutter machine is to cut the long column into small pieces. The cutting speed can be controlled, the output capacity is about 80-150 pcs/min according to the weight of steamed bun.

Why do people like handmade steamed buns? The main reason is that handmade steamed buns can have more than 18 folds. the appearance is exquisite and more appetizing!! At present, Longyu Company has made a flower folding machine that can make 24-fold steamed buns, which can perfectly create handmade folds! ! ! And no difference from handmade ones!!!

baozi folding machine

By adding several devices and changing some machines, the automatic steamed bun line can make different shapes baozi, such as Custard Buns, Brown Sugar Buns, Sweet Mantou, Momos, Mini Steamed Buns, Long Buns, Fresh Meat Buns, Mushroom Buns, Orleans Chicken Buns, and so on.

steamed bun making machine

The industrial baozi production line is very multifunctional. Besides the steamed bun, through changing several machines,it  also can make other products, such as toast, baguette, stuffed bread, hamburger bread, naan bread, arabic bread,  cheese bread, pizza crust, and so on.

Longyu 1-row baozi making production line has 4800-9000 pcs/h, which is suitable for steamed bun factory and chain restaurants. If the demand of the steamed bun customers want is more than this capacity, don’t worry, we also have 2-row steamed bun producton line and 3-row steamed bun production line, whose output is 2-3 times that of the 1-row baozi production line!! Greatly saving time and labors.


  1. 304 stainless steel, food grade material, durable and easy to clean.
  2. High speed. the max speed can reach 150 pcs/min, faster than others.
  3. Small weight error, about within 1g, stable product weight.
  4. Famous electric components, OTG motor, Delta PLC & inverters, make the machine operational performance more stabler.
  5. Several models filling machine for different stuffings.
  6. Flower folding machine can make 24 folds steamed bun.
  7. Support customization
  8. Big capacity, we have steamed bun production line that can make 1/2/3 baozi at a time.
  9. Versatility, one machine with multiple functions, also can make bread, naan, pizza.
  10. Professional team provides professional advice.
  11. Detailed instruction manuals, training videos.
  12. Timely after-sales service

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