Automatic Cookie Production Line

Automatic cookie production line consists of mixer, encrusting machine, tray arranging machine, rotary oven, trolley, packaging machine.

The main machine of the line is encrusting machine. Equipped with different devices and cookie molds, it can make double-color cookies, chocolate stuffed cookies, cookie bars, panda cookies, smile cookies…..

We have various of molds for you to choose, welcome your inquiry!

Automatic Cookie Production Line

Shanghai Longyu Electro-Mechanic Technology Co., Ltd, located in Shanghai, and has agents or branches in Hangzhou, Beijing, Wuhan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Serbia, the Philippines, the United States, Lebanon and other places. It is a leading enterprise in the Chinese food machinery industry, and has cooperated with all famous food factories in China, such as Daoxiangcun, Haolilai, Mengniu, Yuanzu Food, etc.

Encrusting machine is the best-selling machine in Longyu Company, due to its diversity, versatility and flexibility. With various cookie molds and equipment, users can make cookies of various shapes, more than 200 kinds! Astonishing! !

cookie making machine

Through changing the devices and cookie molds, the SV-208A encrusting machine can roughly make three types of cookies: wire cut cookies, long strip cookies, stuffed cookies.

With the cutter( for cutting dough into round shape), the cookie encrusting machine can make round products, such as chocolate stuffed cookies, dates cookies. when opening the function of  top structure, the machine also can make flat product. Through changing different extrusion molds, the shapes and patterns of the cookies can be different.For example, here are two types of cookies with double-color skin and one filling. One has a smooth surface and the other has distinct raised lines.

Cookie making machine

The power of the wire cutting device comes from the air pressure provided by the air compressor. It can cut the extruded cookie dough into small pieces with uniform thickness. Of course, users can control the thickness of cookie by adjusting the speed of wire cutting device. Longyu company uses piano wire as the cutting wire, which can make the surface of the cookie smooth and not rough. With the wire cutting device, the cookie making machine can make cookies in different shapes, such as panda shape, love shape, mosaic shape, bear shape, penguin shape, Christmas tree shape, smiley face shape, lion shape, flower shape, etc.

cookie making machine

Blade cutting device is a self-contained unit that can be moved. It is also controlled by air pressure. By adjusting the air pressure, the speed of the blade can be changed, thereby changing the length of the cookie bar. We use imported blades, where the cookie dough will not stick.  Keeping the product in good shape.

Besides the cookie bars, SV-208A encrusting machine also can make date bar, protein bar, energy bar, peanut butter bar and so on.  Over the years, the continuous production and improvement of the cookie machine has accumulated more pattern molds and programming solutions, and customers can freely choose from the abundant products in the mold catalog. We also can customize the extrusion mold according to customer’s need.

cookie bar making machine

Stamping device is the most popular device as it can make not only cookies but also maamoul/mooncake. Different stamping molds make different shapes of cookies. and the size of the stamping molds( length, width and height) can be customized according to sample picture.

Cookie maamoul machine

SV-208A encrusting machine is developed on the basis of SV-208 encrusting machine. Compared with the SV-208 encrusting machine, there is one more jam hopper, a total of three hoppers, which can make three colors of cookies, such as,  cookies with double-color skin and one filling, or with double-fillings and one color, or with 3-color skin, etc.

Well, we have other types of encrusting machine:  SV-208B encrusting machine has 4 hoppers, so it can make 4-color cookies; SV-208C encrusting machine has 5 hoppers, so it can make 5-color cookie, such as rainbow cookies.

cookie encrusting machine

Cookie Encrusting Machine Parameters
  • Model: SV-208A
  • Machine Size: 168*86*170cm
  • Machnie weight: 360KG
  • Power: 1.75KW
  • Voltage: 220V 50/60Hz Single Phrase
  • Capacity: 60-110pcs/min
  • Product Weight: 10-270g

Cookies Machine Details

cookie Machine Details


  1. 304 stainless steel, food grade material, durable and easy to clean.
  2. High speed. the max speed can reach 120 pcs/min, faster than others.
  3. Small weight error, about within 1g, stable product weight.
  4. PLC intelligent touch screen, easy to operate for beginners.
  5. Famous electric components, OTG motor, Delta PLC & inverters, make the machine operational performance more stabler.
  6. Can save the production data of 99 products, just need to adjust the parameters one time for single product.
  7. Various kinds of products can be made, more than 100.
  8. Many devices and molds can be choose, very flexible.
  9. 12-month warranty.
  10. Detailed instruction manuals, training videos.

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